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Emergency contact

Wildlife drop-off is available year-round.
Staff are on-site 9am – 5pm daily.
After hours: Place wildlife in the red drop-off building (east end of parking lot).

Wildlife FAQs

Have you found a fawn?

Or discovered a baby bird on the ground?

We can help you!

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Bear Cub Program

Port Hardy Cubs

When NIWRA gets a call that a bear cub is coming, there is a sense of excitement. When the cub arrives, the visitors lucky enough to be at the centre get to share in this excitement until the cub is taken into our treatment center. Once there, the cub is weighed, assessed and put into quarantine for 24 hours.

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Black Bear Rehabilitation Program

In 1997, NIWRA made the decision to construct and manage a bear program for Vancouver Island bears. In doing so, a captive-bred bear (Knut) came to the center to help us perfect the design and operation of our facility. He taught us about the care and feeding of these animals, their hibernation habits, how to maintain their overall environment and about human contact.

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Robin and black bear cub

“The goal of this study is to enable us to confidently take wild black bears into care, and rehabilitate them back to the wild.”

-Robin Campbell, Special Projects Manager

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