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About Us

Our Mission

To care for ill, injured, and orphaned wildlife and to educate the public on wildlife and environmental issues.

Who We Are &
What We Do

Founded in 1985, the North Island Wildlife Recovery Association (NIWRA) is a non-profit, world-class rehabilitation facility situated on 8 acres of immaculately manicured grounds, caring for animals with all types of needs, including birds with broken wings, orphaned black bears, electrocuted eagles and much more!
Check out our Impact Report.

NIWRA’s main goals are to:

  • Reintroduce as many animals back to the wild as possible.

  • Educate the public about wildlife and environmental issues.

Our Team

Our wildlife recovery centre could not function without the following group of very talented individuals:

  • Dr. Malcolm McAdie, our veterinarian who provides highly specialized care to all our animals

  • volunteer Board of Directors

  • a small dedicated staff

  • more than 80 amazing volunteers who provide: guided public and school tours, animal care, yard/grounds care, gift shop operations, and community outreach

Our Programs

We are able to offer the most current wildlife care practices from rescue to release thanks to:

This knowledge has allowed us to offer top-notch education programs and tours for our guests.

We invite you to come to the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre to learn about wildlife by viewing:

  • the largest eagle flight enclosure of its kind in Canada

  • a Museum of Nature showcasing the animals of Vancouver Island

  • an interactive Learning Centre

  • beautiful enclosures to get close to more than 60 resident, non-releasable animals

  • a native wildlife garden, bird watching and ponds

  • and more!

Contact Us:  |  250-248-8534

Address: 1240 Leffler Road, Errington, BC  CANADA

Click Here to see a more detailed history of NIWRA!

Meet Our Partners

We are grateful to have Partners so committed to wildlife rehab!

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