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Black Bear Rehabilitation 

In 1997, NIWRA made the decision to construct and manage a bear program for Vancouver Island bears. A captive-bred bear named Knut came to the centre and helped us perfect the design and operation of our facility by teaching us about:


  • the care and feeding of bears

  • bears' hibernation habits

  • how to mimic an environment in which bears can thrive

  • the influence of human contact, known as imprinting, on animals


Bear Cub Program

When a bear arrives at our recovery centre it means something has gone terribly wrong in the wild.

Each year, orphaned babies are brought to us, and although we are completely captivated by these adorable, helpless, little creatures, we also feel sadness at the death of their mother.


Without its mother, a baby cub has no chance of survival in the wild.

Raptor Rehabilitation

Thanks to our salmon streams and forests, BC's west coast is one of the few remaining strongholds for bald eagles since they provide good breeding grounds and a place to spend the winter.

One of the greatest threats to the survival of BC eagles involves human activity, which can include:​

  • gunshot wounds

  • collision with vehicles

  • electrocution

  • lead poisoning from ingesting lead pellets

We are happy to report that NIWRA is able to rescue, rehabilitate, and release most of the 50 - 60 eagles brought to us each year.

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