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What you can expect to learn on the tour:

  • the natural history of the animals on display
  • what happened to these animals
  • why they are being kept at the Centre
  • what lessons can be learned from these animals
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Students along fence


Bear Cubs

This program describes the Centre’s Black Bear Rehabilitation Program, which includes:

  • how bear cubs are orphaned
  • how they get to the Centre
  • how we feed and rear them until they are old enough to return to the wild
  • why it is crucial that orphaned cubs have little to no contact with humans
  • a DVD showing bear cubs arriving to the Centre and their progress from helplessness to eventual release
  • a comparison of the three species of bears in Canada, using claws, fur, skull and body shapes to demonstrate how the bears have adapted to the different habitats and dietary habits
  • a discussion of how humans affect bears on Vancouver Island
  • how we can better coexist with bears
Owl in School

This is our most popular program, which includes:

  • a discussion of what makes owls fascinating and efficient birds of prey (hunters)
  • a visit from one of our glove-trained Barred Owls as a live example
  • a brief video showing the operation of the Centre (school to provide DVD player)
  • a pellet dissection, if requested**

**Please note this is an optional opportunity for students to become biologists and dissect regurgitated owl pellets to discover what our owls at the Centre have for dinner. This is available for grades 3 and up.


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This 21-minute video can be presented in its entirety or shown in 4 parts:

  • What to do when you find a fawn (at 0:40)
  • What to do when you find a baby bird on the ground (at 3:30)
  • Invasive Species  – Leave Bullfrogs where they are (at 7:13)
  • What makes a good pet? (at 18:03)

This video was made possible thanks to NIWRA and an anonymous donor.

Wildlife Garden


Basic Bird ID and Bird Watching for Adults

Watch the calendar for our next course!

(16yrs+) Limited enrollment

  • 4-hour, enjoyable, practical bird ID workshop
  • Suitable for beginning- and intermediate-level participants
  • Study both mounted and live resident birds
  • Presentation of bird-watching pointers, feeding tips and reference materials
  • Featuring bird ID skills which will be practiced on site

$50 (+tax) per person
$80 (+tax) per couple
Payment in advance to reserve space.
Workshop fee helps support NIWRA and the Brant Wildlife Festival.

Instructor: Dr. Lynne Brookes
Email or Call 250-248-8534 to enroll.

Bird Watching, ID and Bird Feeding for Families

Watch the calendar for our next course!

(10yrs+) Limited enrollment

  • 2-hour practical and fun bird-watching and ID workshop suitable for families with younger children
  • Learn from mounted and live resident birds and appropriate materials
  • Practice using bird ID skills on site
  • Discussion & demonstration of best practices for feeding birds at home
  • Presentation of resources and local bird-watching suggestions

$25(+tax) per family up to 3 members ($5 + tax each additional member)
Payment in advance to reserve space.
Workshop fee helps support NIWRA and the Brant Wildlife Festival.

Instructor: Dr. Lynne Brookes
Email OR call 250-248-8534 to enroll.

Emily (Saker Falcon)


Have you got a group, organization or bus tour that would like to learn about wildlife rehabilitation and our work at the centre?
Or want to have a ‘live animal’ visit?

Book a presentation at our facility or yours and learn more about our work at the wildlife recovery centre. We can customize the visit to suit your needs, which could include meeting one of our feathered friends!

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