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Beautiful Rae

A big, heart-felt thank you to everyone who sent love and concern for Rae when we lost Knut on July 20, 2021. Your care for wildlife means the world to us!

Rae came to us as an orphaned, Vancouver Island Black Bear cub in 2017 with a head injury and suffering from seizures. Thanks to the specialized care she received from our Wildlife Veterinarian, Dr. McAdie, as well as our dedicated Animal Care Team, Rae has done very well and has not had a seizure over the past eight months.

When we first introduced Rae to Knut, our slow-moving, senior bear, he wasn’t quite sure what to make of her. Knut had his own routines and young Rae was determined to turn him into a playmate. Knut did his best to ignore and tell her to leave him alone, but she persistently pestered him until he finally gave in and began to play and respond to Rae’s constant shenanigans.

It wasn’t long before people noticed that Knut had a new spring in his step. His increased activity level was great for his overall health and the two bears were often seen wrestling, swimming and hanging out together.

When we lost Knut, Rae grieved for her companion. Fortunately, in addition to our amazing animal care team we have enlisted a knowledgeable volunteer who has a relationship with Rae to spend several hours each day with her for reassurance and companionship and help her through this challenging time.

Rae is a happy bear by nature, and she is again playing, exploring her re-vamped enclosure and enjoying her special treats. She has been splashing in the big tub to the delight of everyone who works or visits here. Rae has access to a cool building where she can escape the heat of summer.

Rae is a NIWRA poster girl! Her beautiful image can be seen on a highway billboard and other advertisements and publications. She is very photogenic, and we never get tired of seeing new photos of this amazing animal.

We hope Rae is out and about when you come to visit. She is a delight to us all and we promise to take excellent care of her. Thanks for your support!

You can help the wildlife in care at NIWRA by making a financial contribution on our secure website. Thank you so much for caring about wildlife!




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