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Orphaned baby bear finds comfort in 'same size' stuffed animal

Story and photo from chekNEWS | Skye Ryan

What happened to the mother of a tiny orphaned black bear that was rushed to the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre over the weekend is a mystery. But her cub is considered one lucky bruin.

Go to: Baby bear found orphaned near Chemainus finds comfort in 'same size' stuffed animal ( to read the full story and watch a video of the tiny cub.

DID YOU KNOW? Small cubs are fed a special formula containing yogurt, cottage cheese, applesauce, eggs, milk for bears, puppy food and nutritional supplements. Fruits and vegetables are added to the diet as the cub grows.

The cub will stay at NIWRA until its release to the wild where it belongs in 2025.

Click the video below to see how orphaned cubs are raised at North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre and then released back into the wild.

How You Can Help Vancouver Island Black Bear Cubs at NIWRA

Your support means the world to the animals! You can help by making a financial contribution through our secure website and/or dropping off any of the items on our wish list below.


Baby Pablum

Sardines packed in water

Cottage Cheese

Raw eggs

Yogurt (plain)

Applesauce (unsweetened)

Boost nutritional drink




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