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Second White Raven at NIWRA!

Who could believe that NIWRA would be caring for not just one, but TWO Sacred White Ravens of Oceanside?!

This young bird was found in May, 2022, almost exactly a year after Blizzard, the White Raven was admitted to NIWRA. It was found in very poor condition in Errington and brought here for help.

The Sacred White Ravens are iconic in the Oceanside area and NIWRA is honoured to play a role in their story.

This youngster was malnourished and full of infection, but thanks to the lessons learned and the blueprint for care developed by NIWRA's animal care team while rehabilitating Blizzard, he made a great recovery and is now quite healthy!

Unfortunately, being leucistic, (a genetic abnormality) this bird is not releasable, but he has an outgoing personality and really seems to enjoy human interaction, which makes him a great candidate to be trained as an ambassador.

Stay tuned for his name! It will represent his personality.

How You Can Help the Animals at NIWRA

Your support means the world to the animals! You can help by dropping off any of the items on the wish list below, or by making a financial contribution through our secure website. THANK YOU!

Blankets & Towels

Baby pablum

Sardines (packed in water)

Cottage cheese

Raw eggs

Yogurt (plain)

Applesauce (unsweetened)

Boost nutritional drink



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