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Blizzard (White Raven)

Blizzard (White Raven)

Blizzard is a Leucistic raven found in the area and is not capable of surviving in the wild. Leucism is the partial loss of pigmentation, in this case melanin, the pigment that makes black and brown. Blizzard came to NIWRA in extremely poor condition, starving, and riddled with infection. We were able to nurse him back to health, but complications due to his leucism prevent him from being a suitable candidate for release. The lack of melanin leaves him susceptible to the harmful UV radiation from the sun, as well, his feathers and immune system are compromised. Blizzard will live at NIWRA as a permanent resident.


Shipping to Canada Only

  • $30 Adoption Package

    • a personalized adoption certificate bearing recipient’s name
    • an animal fact sheet
    • a tax receipt for donation amount

  • $50 Adoption Package

    Includes everything above PLUS:
    • a matted colour photograph of the animal you are supporting

  • $100 Adoption Package

    Includes everything above PLUS:

    • one FREE INDIVIDUAL PASS (good for one visit)

  • $250 Adoption Package

    Includes everything above PLUS:

    • a copy of the DVD, Wellness to Wilderness, about our work at NIWRA

    • two FREE INDIVIDUAL PASSES (good for one visit each)

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