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Step 2: Submit Your Tour Request

To submit your request for a school tour, fill in your information below.

Type of Tour Requested

Name of Trip Organizer

Method of Payment Upon Arrival

What is your specific learning objective for the visit? (Required)

Please notify us of any special needs your students have and how you will support them while onsite.

Do you have any additional questions or information to share with us?

REQUIRED: Read and check the following statements to acknowledge roles and responsibilities.

Please select one person to organize a visit for multiple classes.

Name of School and Location

Trip Organizer's Phone Number

Total Number of Students

Requested Tour Date

Refer to Availability Calendar to make selection. Avoid dates with red strips.

Second Choice for Tour Date

Your second choice will be used if for any reason we are not able to accommodate your first choice.

Arrival Time

Departure Time

Trip Organizer's Email

Grade(s) of Visiting Students

Total Number of Adults

Availability Calendar

(ONLY confirmed bookings are displayed here) 

NOTE: Dates with  red rectangles  are NOT available for school visit bookings. 

Your form cannot be submitted. Confirm you have filled in all required information above then try again.

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