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Bald Eagle Release Magic

This spectacular female bald eagle was rescued after a collision with a vehicle. She had an injured left wing and needed a lengthy rehabilitation. Story and video by NIWRA.

This spectacular mature female bald eagle was rescued after a collision with a vehicle and suffered an injury of her left wing.

Due to the seriousness of her injury, she required approximately 6 months of rehabilitation to regain her strength and flying abilities in our Eagle Flight Enclosure.

According to our Animal Care Team, she is a very confident and feisty eagle and will thrive in her freedom.

Sally, our Gift Shop manager, was invited to participate on the release.

The eagle calmly left the confines of her transport crate, went to the edge of the cliff, paused to get her bearings, spread her beautiful wings and lifted off!

She flew to the top of a nearby tree to survey the landscape before her complete return to the wild... exactly where she belongs. Good luck!

You can help the wildlife in care at NIWRA by making a financial contribution on our secure website. Thank you so much for caring about wildlife!




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