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Be thoughtful of wildlife when fishing

~Wildlife education~

Unwanted and carelessly discarded fishing line, hooks and netting cause entrapment, pain, injury and death to many fish, birds, turtles and other animals who live on or near the water.

Waterfowl, fish and turtles can become entangled when swimming. Birds sometimes use fishing line to build nests which can entangle both parents and chicks, causing feather damage, lacerations and/or death.

Ingested fishhooks are painful, dangerous and potentially fatal for the creatures that eat them as well as predators such as large birds or animals.

This unfortunate bird has fishing line in its beak!

Be thoughtful when you fish. Pick up and properly discard your fishing gear when you are done. Cut fishing line into small pieces before throwing it away or recycling it.

If you see an animal or bird that is entangled, has swallowed a hook, or is injured by fishing line, contact a wildlife rehabilitation centre for advice.

You can help the wildlife in care at NIWRA and further our public education programs by making a financial contribution on our secure website. Thank you so much for caring about wildlife!




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