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Birds Hitting Windows

If you have ever had a bird hit your window you will recognize the loud crash. The poor bird may or may not survive.

Birds hitting windows happens quite often. The reflection is a continuation of their environment, so they are unaware of the imminent danger that is about to happen.

Several methods have been tried to prevent window strikes: images of hawks applied to the window, hanging streamers, and sometimes covering the whole window. One method that does not work is closing your curtains.

If you have ever had a bird hit your window you will hear a loud crash as they are flying at a good speed. The poor bird may or may not survive.

Often, birds will live through the ordeal. Usually you will find them on the outside looking like they have had their “bell rung”. Leaving the bird for an extended time is the right thing to do but if cats are present, it is a good idea to place the bird in a small well-ventilated box and putting it in a quiet place. After a few hours you can take the box outside and open it up. 9 out of 10 times, the bird will fly away. If you see a wing drooping, you may want to bring the bird into the centre.

Birds tend to have love affairs with windows in the spring. They look at that handsome reflection of themselves and think they have found the perfect mate. You will hear fluttering about for possibly many days but be sure they will tire after a while and move on. I have even heard of birds being amorous to a car mirror.

Spring is the time of year for birth of nestling birds and baby fawns. It is a good reminder to not clear land at this time of year and to stay clear of fawns that will start arriving around May. The best plan is to leave them where they lie. Their mother will return to feed them.

I’m sure we are all enjoying the sun bringing the leaves out on the trees, beautiful flowers and the sense of anticipation of the birds and animals for rebirth. Let’s give wildlife a fighting chance to live in this beautiful environment.

You can help the wildlife in care at NIWRA by making a financial contribution on our secure website. Thank you so much for caring about wildlife!




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