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Dan's Nook Wildlife Garden - an inviting oasis!

~Wildlife education~

Located adjacent to the Magical Field of Stones at NIWRA is Dan's Nook Wildlife Garden, a lovely oasis where you can see pollinators at work and enjoy lovingly tended plants.

Dan's Nook Wildlife Garden

The wildlife garden was the brainchild of long-time NIWRA volunteer, Dr. Lynne Brookes, who developed the concept and made it a reality in 2015, with the help of many volunteers.

The garden showcases native plants as well as non-native plants that have been successfully introduced, with a special focus on providing a supportive habitat for pollinators (birds, bees, butterflies, etc.) and other micro wildlife. It also features a pond and bog area.

The pond within the garden

Come visit our garden and enjoy local wildlife in their natural habitat. In the summer in our mini-wetland, you may be able to spot tadpoles hatching; dragonfly nymphs emerging; pollinators busy at work; Marsh Marigolds blooming; or hummingbirds feeding.

Volunteers water flowers and tend the garden, and in the Spring and Summer, they act as wildlife garden hosts, educating the public about the plants and the many benefits of the garden.

A majority of the funding for the garden was provided by anonymous private donation for which we are very thankful. Each year, NIWRA grows and sells plants to raise funds to continue to maintain the wildlife garden.

You can help the wildlife in care at NIWRA and further our public education programs by making a financial contribution on our secure website. Thank you so much for caring about wildlife!


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